About miR Scientific

miR Scientific is a precision bioscience company that has developed proprietary, non-invasive liquid biopsy urine tests that definitively detect, accurately score and continuously monitor prostate and bladder cancers to optimize the outcomes of life-changing interventions.

Our unbiased RNA profiling technology serves as a comprehensive disease management platform across the continuum of care. We believe our platform will transform cancer management in the areas of detection, prognostics, monitoring and companion diagnostics. We aim to improve day-to-day care for patients and positively impact the cost of healthcare for payors, employers and other stakeholders worldwide.

miR Scientific is a majority-owned operating subsidiary of Impact NRS, headquartered in New York with operating subsidiaries in Canada and Israel.

About NRS:

Impact NRS is a leading innovation company developing transformative solutions to address persistent global challenges in human health, sustainable food production and agriculture. Our model incorporates breakthrough advances in science, statistics and computation to develop products and services for early and scalable adoption. We collaborate with stakeholders worldwide to enable rapid commercialization of our ESG socially responsible initiatives.