The miR Advantage

The miR Disease Management Platform


– Easy to administer, 100% non-invasive urine test
– Highly accurate
– Potentially eliminates unnecessary biopsies
– No risk of infection and associated side effects
– Potentially earlier, easier and affordable diagnosis
– Potentially improved quality of life

Physicians & Healthcare Systems

The miR Scientific’s Disease Management Platform offers providers an affordable evidenced-based test as an alternative to the current prostate biopsy and bladder cystoscopy.

– Potentially reduces patient resistance to evaluation
– Optimizes treatment decision-making based on timely and actionable data
– Eliminates invasive diagnostic risks
– Easy, in-office, test administration
– Increased patient satisfaction (Press Ganey Survey Impact)
– Meets Triple Aim and Evidence Based Medicine goals.


– Healthier employee population
– Reduced sick days
– Increased productivity
– Increased employee satisfaction
– Reduced Health Insurance costs


– No payment for unnecessary and costly biopsies and cystoscopies
– No payment for side effect coverage
– No payment for hospital stays


miR’s Disease Management Platform does not rely on the presumption that all urogenital tumors develop in the same way and can therefore be detected based on the presence of a single or even a handful of biomarkers. miR’s statistical and data science capability provides precise modeling of biologic information that results in an industry-leading low false-positive and false-negative error rates.

Industry-leading specificity, sensitivity and unbiased methodology


miR has developed a proprietary Disease Management Platform for the diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring and treatment of genitourinary cancers, in particular prostate and bladder cancer. It is based on our proprietary liquid biopsy urine test.

With its industry-leading specificity, sensitivity7 and unbiased methodology, the Platform offers the level of accuracy required to make critical decisions from early diagnosis onward. The consistency in our testing platform uniquely enables miR to effectively manage the continuum of disease stages.

Available to any patient, in any country with an accredited medical and logistical infrastructure.


The output from our tests is designed to be accessible to family physicians, urologists and most importantly, their patients. This approach ensures that miR’s Disease Management Platform can be available to any patient, in any country with an accredited medical and logistical infrastructure.