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Reliable detection and accurate monitoring can have a profound impact on reducing deaths and adverse side effects stemming from late detection and aggressive over-treatment.


miR is now able to detect, classify and monitor progression of prostate and bladder cancers by extracting and processing RNA entities from urine, and then processing the signals using proprietary classification and prediction algorithms.


miR’s technology isolates pre-classified informative RNA entities from urinary exosomes, and uses proprietary tools to detect and process, with exceptionally high specificity and sensitivity, signals from numerous RNA entities that are evident in the specimens.

miR has developed its cutting-edge Disease Management Platform technology with the goal of achieving maximum positive impact on medical treatment.

Better Precision Medicine at Work

The clinical implications of miR’s breakthrough technology are extraordinary. From general screening to identifying and monitoring cancer, miR has designed practical, affordable, non-invasive and risk-free cancer management solutions aimed at accessibility and priced for broad adoption. This cutting-edge technology is designed to save lives and to avoid unnecessary, invasive and costly procedures and treatments.

Looking Ahead: Companion Diagnostics

We anticipate that in the future our proprietary Disease Management Platform will allow us to pair targeted therapy with patient, based on the specific profile of an individual’s malignancy, playing an ever-increasing role in the evolving world of precision medicine.