The 4th Friends of Israel Urological Symposium

The miR platform, with its high specificity, sensitivity and unbiased approach, offers much-needed accuracy to make critical early decisions about cancer care. miR’s cancer management innovations represent the first-ever opportunity for patients and physicians to have timely, accurate, actionable data to optimize treatment for these cancers prior to potentially life-changing interventions. miR’s technology extracts sncRNAs from urine or core needle biopsies, providing the medical community with the ability to detect and process, with high specificity and sensitivity, signals from hundreds of sncRNAs that are produced at or near the first inception of a tumor. The miR screening platform does not rely on the presumption that all urogenital tumors develop in the same way, and can therefore be detected based on the presence of a single or even a handful of biomarkers. miR’s data science platform provides highly specific actionable information with an industry leading low false-positive and effectively zero false-negative accuracy rate.

Our technologies are designed to be accessible to family physicians, urologists, lab technicians, health insurance actuaries, bioinstrumentation experts and medical/research device manufacturers. This approach ensures that miR’s revolutionary cancer management platform can be available to any patient in any country with an accredited medical and logistical infrastructure.