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Transforming Cancer Management

miR Scientific is a precision healthcare company committed to improving public health by transforming cancer management globally. The company’s proprietary miR Disease Management Platform® was developed to revolutionize the standard of value-based care for cancers and initially focuses on urological cancers

The initial test delivered by the miR Disease Management Platform® is the miR Sentinel™ Prostate Cancer Test, the first and only non-invasive liquid biopsy urine test that accurately detects, classifies and can monitor prostate cancer at the molecular level.

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Actionable Answers To The Most Important Questions

The miR Sentinel™ Prostate Cancer Test can transform cancer management by delivering accurate and actionable results to providers and patients from a single urine sample, answering the two most important questions:


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New Prostate Cancer Cases Diagnosed Globally Every Year
Survival Rate With Early-Stage Diagnosis

The miR Scientific Sentinel™
Prostate Cancer Test
Provides One Of Four Results

No Molecular Evidence of Prostate Cancer (NMEPC)

This result indicates that the patient presents No Molecular Evidence of Prostate Cancer

Low Risk

This result indicates that the patient presents Molecular Evidence of Low-Risk for Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Moderate Risk

This result indicates that the patient presents Molecular Evidence of Moderate Risk for Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Elevated Risk

This result indicates that the patient presents Molecular Evidence of Elevated-Risk for Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Uniquely miR


The prostate naturally releases molecules into urine, including several different kinds of RNA genetic material that vary depending on the absence or presence and severity of prostate cancer. This information obtained from the urine sample is all miR Scientific needs to accurately detect and classify cancer using the miR Sentinel Prostate Cancer Test – it is not reliant on clinical risk factors such as PSA, DRE or biopsy material


The miR Sentinel™ Prostate Cancer Test requires a single, contact-free urine specimen, with no related risk of side effects


miR Sentinel Prostate Cancer Test can replace an array of multiple blood tests, invasive biopsies and imaging procedures with one comprehensive solution.


Unlike biopsies, MRIs and other current options, the miR Disease Management Platform® is high-throughput and can be easily administered for large volumes of patients.

Why It Matters

Prostate cancer is prevalent and deadly.

It represents the highest number of new cancer cases diagnosed annually and is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among men. Early detection and the ability to identify high grade disease early are key to effective disease management.  

Until now, no effective, accurate and non-invasive tests have been developed for the early detection and grade classification of prostate cancer.

Today’s Standard Of Care Is Inefficient & Ineffective

Biopsy Reliant

The current standard of care relies on PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) and Digital Rectal Exams (DRE) to trigger core needle biopsies for the detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Unnecessary Pain

Today’s standard of care is inaccurate, invasive and often results in over-treatment. Up to 70% of diagnostic core needle biopsies are unnecessary and consequently incur cost and morbidities.

Preserving Avoidance

The inefficiency and ineffectiveness of today’s standard of care may be a factor in many men completely avoiding the screening process. It is estimated that over 60% of age-eligible men remain unscreened.

Current Standards are Failing Patients, Physicians, Health Systems and Payors.


Everyone Can Benefit

Our non-invasive, pain-free miR Sentinel™ Prostate Cancer Test can help healthcare providers, patients, and employers realize true cost-effectiveness and efficiency in prostate cancer detection and management.


Help identify patients with the greatest need by adding miR Sentinel™ Prostate Cancer Test to your detection and classification toolbox.


Experience a non-invasive, accurate, easily-accessible prostate cancer test that delivers helpful results to your provider with a single urine specimen.


Keep your employees and their families healthy and reduce excessive urologic cancer screening, treatment costs and unproductive workdays with a straightforward and highly accessible urine test.

miR Solution

A Novel, Proprietary Test

Our molecular diagnostic capabilities are a novel approach to cancer detection and classification, using advanced sncRNA interrogation techniques and a proprietary scoring algorithm.

miR’s technology isolates pre-classified, informative RNA entities from urinary exosomes, and uses proprietary tools to detect and process signals from numerous RNA entities that are evident in the specimens.

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Pioneering Prostate Cancer Testing

The miR Sentinel™ Prostate Cancer Test is healthcare’s first and only urine test that detects and classifies prostate cancers with a high level of accuracy—no rectal exam, blood test, biopsy or strict urine requirements.

miR’s test provides the most comprehensive non-invasive prostate cancer test.

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When It Comes To Cancer, Do You Want More Questions Or More Answers?

Avoid the inaccurate blood tests and painful biopsies and get complete cancer detection and classification information from one urine sample.

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