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miR Sentinel™
Prostate Cancer Test
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Breakthrough, Standalone Liquid Biopsy Urine Test for Prostate Cancer

The miR Sentinel™ Prostate Cancer Test is a standalone, non-invasive liquid biopsy urine test that accurately detects, classifies and can monitor prostate cancer at the molecular level.

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Actionable Answers To The Most Important Questions

The miR Disease Management Platform™ can transform cancer management by delivering actionable and accurate results to physicians and patients from a single urine sample, answering the two most important questions:

Is cancer present? How severe is it?

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New Prostate Cancer Cases Diagnosed Globally Every Year
Survival Rate With Early-Stage Diagnosis

The miR Scientific Sentinel™
Prostate Cancer Test
Provides One Of Four Results

No Molecular Evidence
of Prostate Cancer

Our technology identifies molecular evidence of malignancies from the entire prostate gland, even in early onset of the disease, so if the test shows no molecular evidence of cancer, patients and physicians can confidently conclude that no cancer is present at the time of diagnosis.

Yes Cancer/Intermediate Risk

Depending on the risk tolerance of patients and physicians, they may decide on monitoring the disease for progression non-invasively under an active surveillance protocol or elect to undergo a definitive treatment.

Yes Cancer/Low Risk

A significant percentage of prostate cancer patients have an indolent, or clinically insignificant localized cancer that may not require a definitive treatment.  For patients with low risk classifications, a physician may recommend a follow up under an active surveillance protocol, which for patients could simply entail providing more urine samples periodically to ensure the disease has not progressed.

Yes Cancer/High Risk

Patients whose molecular signature indicates the presence of high grade disease typically would undergo interventional definitive treatment, the specifics of which will be determined by the specialist care provider. Our technology identifies molecular evidence of the malignancies from the entire prostate gland, even in early onset of the disease.

Uniquely miR


Accelerate the right diagnosis and treatment for individual cancer management with accurate diagnosis and classification.


Help patients avoid the invasive, inaccurate, and painful diagnostic procedures that are the current standard of care. miR delivers results with zero contact.


Broaden access to life-saving cancer detection with a completely standalone urine test that detects and classifies prostate cancer with no additional testing requirements.


The miR Disease Management Platform™ is peer-reviewed and validated for the detection and classification of prostate cancer.


Quick turnaround of reliable information enables true cost-effectiveness in prostate cancer detection and management.


Unlike biopsies, MRIs and other current options, the miR platform is high-throughput and easily administered for large volumes of patients.

Why It Matters

Prostate cancer is prevalent and deadly.

It represents the highest number of new cancer cases diagnosed annually and is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among men. Early detection and the ability to identify high grade disease early are key to effective disease management.  

Until now, no effective, accurate and non-invasive tests have been developed for the early detection and grade classification of prostate cancer.

Today’s Standard Of Care Is Ineffective

Biopsy Reliant

The current standard of care relies on PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) and Digital Rectal Exams (DRE) to trigger core needle biopsies for the detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Unnecessary Pain

It is inaccurate, invasive and often results in overtreatment.  70% of diagnostic core needle biopsies are unnecessary and consequently incur cost and morbidities.

Preserving Avoidance

The ineffectiveness of today’s standard of care leads many men to completely avoid the screening process. It is estimated that over 60% of age-eligible men remain unscreened.

Current Standards are Failing Patients, Physicians, Health Systems and Payors.


Today’s Standard

Invasive, expensive and inaccurate with 44% Sensitivity

Primary Care Visit

Urologist Visit

Multiple Digital Rectal Exams

Multiple PSA Blood Tests

1 or More Prostate Biopsies

The New Standard

Easily Administered, Pain-Free, Accurate, Non-Invasive, with >90% Sensitivity and Specificity

1 Urine Sample

Learn more about miR Scientific’s liquid biopsy urine test and the breakthrough accuracy of our sncRNA testing techniques and proprietary scoring algorithm.

Everyone Benefits

Our non-invasive, pain-free prostate cancer detection platform helps healthcare providers, patients, and employers realize true cost-effectiveness and efficiency in prostate cancer detection and management for the first time.


Leverage the most accurate prostate cancer decision-making platform to help identify patients with the greatest need.


Experience a non-invasive, accurate, accessible prostate cancer test that delivers clear results to your doctor with a single urine specimen.


Keep your employees and their families healthy and reduce excessive urologic cancer screening, treatment costs and unproductive workdays with a straightforward, validated and highly accessible urine test.

miR Solution

A Novel, Proprietary Test with Breakthrough Results

Our molecular diagnostic capabilities are a novel approach to cancer detection and classification, using advanced sncRNA interrogation techniques and a proprietary scoring algorithm.

miR’s technology isolates pre-classified, informative RNA entities from urinary exosomes, and uses proprietary tools to detect and process signals from numerous RNA entities that are evident in the specimens.

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Making Healthcare History

The miR Sentinel™ Prostate Cancer Test is healthcare’s first and only standalone urine test that detects and classifies prostate cancers with a high level of accuracy—no rectal exam, blood test, biopsy or strict urine requirements.

miR’s test provides the most comprehensive non-invasive prostate cancer test.

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When It Comes To Cancer, Do You Want More Questions Or More Answers?

Avoid the inaccurate blood tests and painful biopsies and get complete cancer detection and classification information from one urine sample.

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