What is miR Scientific?

miR Scientific, LLC  is a healthcare company committed to transforming global cancer management by providing early and accurate detection, characterization and monitoring of disease using non-invasive liquid biopsy technology.

Our goal is to inclusively partner with all healthcare stakeholders to help change the standards of care and cancer management. 

miR Scientific is developing products and services which may revolutionize the standards of care supporting urologic oncology, including prostate, bladder and kidney cancers. Such new standards are urgently needed given the prevalence of these cancers and their debilitating burden globally.
miR Scientific proudly presents our initial product: the miR Sentinel Prostate Cancer Test, a non-invasive liquid biopsy urine test that detects, classifies and can monitor prostate cancer at the molecular level. miR Scientific is a majority-owned operating subsidiary of Huminn LLC (formerly known as Impact NRS) and is headquartered in New York City with operating subsidiaries in Israel. 

What is the miR Sentinel Prostate Cancer Test? 

The miR Sentinel Prostate Cancer Test is a liquid biopsy urine test that uses molecular information to categorize patients into one of four groups: No Molecular Evidence of Prostate Cancer, Low Risk, Moderate Risk, or Elevated Risk for Aggressive Prostate Cancer, thereby delivering clear, accurate and actionable results for providers and their patients alike, answering the two most important questions: Is there molecular evidence of prostate cancer? If so, how severe is the risk of aggressive disease? 
With comprehensive molecular insight into the prostate gland, a single test both detects the presence or absence of prostate cancer and classifies it by risk profile, giving miR Sentinel the power to outperform an array of prostate cancer diagnostic procedures.

With data showing high sensitivity for all prostate cancer as well as GG≥2 prostate cancer, and subset data showing that many patients with false negative prostate biopsies are identified as having molecular evidence of prostate cancer and aggressive prostate cancer shows that there is a clear rationale for adoption of the miR Sentinel Prostate Test versus today's standard of care

Can I get access through a clinical study?

We anticipate opening new clinical studies in the near future.If you are interested in being notified once a study is opened, please use the Contact Us link

When It Comes To Cancer, Do You Want More Questions Or More Answers?

Avoid the inaccurate blood tests and painful biopsies and get complete cancer diagnosis and classification information from one urine sample.

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