What is miR Scientific?

miR Scientific, LLC  is a healthcare company committed to transforming global cancer management by providing early and accurate detection, characterization and monitoring of disease using non-invasive liquid biopsy technology.

Our goal is to inclusively partner with all healthcare stakeholders to help change the standards of care and cancer management. 

miR Scientific is developing products and services which may revolutionize the standards of care supporting urologic oncology, including for prostate, bladder, and other urothelial cancers. Such new standards are urgently needed given the prevalence of these cancers and their debilitating burden globally.  
The Company is working toward launch of its initial product: the miR Sentinel Prostate Cancer Test, a liquid biopsy urine test that detects and classifies prostate cancer into clinically significant and clinically insignificant based on the analysis of RNA molecules extracted from urine.  miR Scientific is a majority-owned operating subsidiary of Impact NRS LLC and is headquartered in New York City with operating subsidiaries in Israel, Canada, and Puerto Rico. 

What is the miR Sentinel Prostate Cancer Test? 

The miR Sentinel Prostate Cancer Test is a liquid biopsy urine test that uses molecular information to categorize patients into one of four groups: no cancer, low-risk cancer, intermediate-risk cancer, or high-risk cancer, thereby delivering clear, accurate and actionable results for physicians and their patients alike, answering key questions: Is cancer present? How severe is it?  
This information gives physicians the ability to clearly determine which patients need treatment and which can be safely and non-invasively monitored, helping avoid harmful and costly overtreatment.   
With data showing a sensitivity and specificity above 90%, there is a clear rationale for adoption of the miR Sentinel Prostate Test versus today’s standard of care, for the more than 1.2 billion men age-eligible for prostate cancer screening and detection around the globe. 

When will it be available?

We anticipate that the miR Sentinel Prostate Test will be available in Puerto Rico and the United States (other than New York) by the end of 2021. The Test can only be ordered by your doctor, who will use the test as part of your care and treatment plan.   
Once the miR Sentinel Prostate Test is commercially available, we will update our website with information about costs, any patient assistance programs, and additional helpful details to share with your doctor when discussing your prostate cancer detection and treatment options. 
You may also subscribe to receive our communications via the Contact Us page on our website to receive notifications regarding news and updates of the miR Sentinel Prostate Cancer Test.  

Can I get access through a clinical study?

Several clinical studies are now actively recruiting. Please visit the links provided below to the trial description on clinicaltrials.gov to review study information and eligibility.  

Identification of Clinically Insignificant or Significant Prostate Cancer With the miR Scientific Sentinel™ Platform now recruiting patients at:  

United States, Georgia 
Georgia Urology 
Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30328 
Contact: Daniel Canter, MD    404-292-3727       
Urology of Greater Atlanta 
Stockbridge, Georgia, United States, 30281 
Contact: James M Libby, MD    770-474-5281       
United States, New York 
Integrated Medical Professionals 
Farmingdale, New York, United States, 11735 
Contact: Carl A Olsson, MD    516-456-9731      

Evaluation of the Sentinel™ PCC4 Assay for Diagnosis, Prognosis and Monitoring of Prostate Cancer in Puerto Rico now recruiting patients at: 
Puerto Rico 
Caguas, Puerto Rico, 00725 
Contact: Alvin Lopez-Pujals, MD    787-743-3038 ext 3235       

Hospital Menonita de Caguas  
Caguas, Puerto Rico, 00726 
Contact: Alberto Corica, MD          
Contact: Federico Corica, MD          
Hospital Metropolitano Dr. Pila  
Ponce, Puerto Rico, 00717 
Contact: Alberto Corica, MD          
Contact: Federico Corica, MD

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