The miR Advantage

miR Sentinel’s accuracy and accessibility in detecting and risk classifying  prostate cancer can meaningfully alleviate the economic and human burden of one of the world’s most prevalent and deadly diseases.

Our miR Sentinel™ Test uses precise biologic information & interrogation techniques to categorize patients into one of four groups: No Molecular Evidence of Prostate Cancer, Low Risk, Moderate Risk, or Elevated Risk of Aggressive Cancer. This helps providers determine which patients may need additional workup and which may be monitored, helping avoid harmful and costly over-treatment. Our highly accurate, easy-to-administer urine test is powered by our algorithm-based miR Disease Management Platform™ designed to help providers risk stratify patients across the continuum of cancer care for optimal case management and prioritization.

miR Disease Management Platform

The company's proprietary miR Disease Management Platform® was developed to revolutionize the standard of value-based care for cancers and initially focuses on urological cancers including bladder, kidney and prostate.

Cancer is not one disease. Each cancer has different causes, mechanisms of action, signaling processes and responses to potential treatment modalities. Accurate and early diagnosis and characterization of different cancers is best when customized to a particular cancer. The miR Scientific approach can account for such customization.

MiR Scientific’s dynamic and expansive approach to cancer detection can lead to greater accuracy and diagnostic capability which can aid informed provider decision-making across the care continuum.

Is Cancer Present? Is It Aggressive?
What’s the Best Treatment Pathway?

miR is the only prostate cancer test that provides an accurate measure of molecular malignancy to answer the most critical cancer questions. When it comes to cancer, we provide answers, not more questions.  

Outperform today’s standard of care and decrease the invasiveness for your patients. Our results will transform the standard of urologic oncology care with highly accurate, easily administered, and cost-effective end-to-end cancer management tools that reduce poor outcomes and eliminate waste.

Benefits Across The Continuum of Cancer Care

The miR disease management platform delivers clarity and peace of mind to all involved in prostate cancer care from diagnosis through disease management:


Everyone Benefits

Our non-invasive, pain-free prostate cancer diagnostic testing and monitoring platform helps physicians, patients, and payors realize true cost-effectiveness and efficiency in prostate cancer screening and management for the first time.


Leverage the most accurate prostate cancer decision-making platform to identify and rapidly treat patients with the greatest need.


Experience a non-invasive, accurate, accessible prostate cancer test that delivers clear results to you and your doctor with a single urine specimen.


Leverage the most accurate prostate cancer decision-making platform to identify and rapidly treat patients with the greatest need.

Detect Prostate Cancer With Ease And Accuracy

One urine sample is all that’s required to accurately detect and classify prostate cancer.  Our miR Disease Management Platform® is not reliant on clinical risk factors such as age, PSA, DRE, or histopathology, and can detect sncRNA from small, potentially aggressive tumors that can be missed by TRUS or MRI-guided biopsies and/or not recorded on pathology.

Existing Prostate Screening Tests: The Standard of Care that Doesn’t Meet Your Standards

In addition to being invasive and potentially leading to impotence, incontinence, infection and over-treatment, the PSA test and biopsy combination has just a 44% Sensitivity level—making it highly inaccurate and necessary to repeat often.

Although elevated PSA levels can be an indicator of the presence of prostate cancer, many other factors not related to cancer can return an elevated PSA test.

The positive predictive value of elevated PSA for prostate cancer is less than 30%.
Medical literature shows that 7 out of 10 prostate biopsies are deemed unnecessary.
The false negative rate of 12-core biopsy is more than 30%.

A New Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Test

Avoid the inaccurate, often unnecessary PSA test–rectal exam–biopsy cycle and get real answers fast. miR provides industry-low false-positive and false-negative rates for maximum confidence in clinical pathways.

miR delivers accurate diagnosis and classification results using highly accurate molecular RNA interrogation and sophisticated algorithms based on hundreds of biomarkers.

Get actionable, accurate disease information to appropriately guide the course of care with just one urine test.

Previous Diagnostic Process

Inherent Challenges of the PSA Test for Prostate Cancer Screening

The prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test is a blood test that healthcare providers use as a screen for prostate cancer. If the PSA test results are “elevated,” your provider may recommend a prostate biopsy to better understand if you have cancer or not.  

Since PSA can be elevated for many reasons other than prostate cancer, and since up to 15% of patients with PSA less than 3 ng/ml, have significant cancer, the time has come to implement a diagnostic test that can accurately identify a patient's risk of prostate cancer that does not rely on PSA.

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Of Patients With A Normal PSA Have Significant Cancer
Prostate Biopsies
Are Unnecessary