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Learn about the science behind miR’s prostate and bladder cancer detection and classification technology that can help give healthcare providers, patients, and payors the greatest confidence in test results and care plans.

Molecular Diagnostic Prostate Cancer Testing

Unlike other available blood and urine tests, the miR platform produces a molecular characterization of the likelihood of malignant progression, allowing for far more accurate results.

We capture and lyse exosomes from the patient’s urine sample, then interrogate the extracted sncRNA in a high-throughput OpenArray™ system. Our proprietary algorithm calculates patient results and provides clear Yes/No cancer detection and High Risk/Intermediate Risk/Low Risk classification.

Our Timeline

Our unique process provides actionable data to providers far more quickly than today’s standard of care, rapidly accelerating the timeline to treatment or monitoring, if necessary.

Prescritpion + Capture
Screening + Testing
Actionable Data

The miR Approach

Accurate Classification Guides Clinical Pathways

miR’s unique sncRNA extraction and interrogation techniques coupled with an advanced proprietary algorithm will allow physicians to confidently detect and classify prostate cancers with just one urine sample, eliminating unnecessary treatments for prostate cancer patients.

Our validation studies have shown the extraordinary accuracy of miR's molecular prostate cancer detection and classification technology.

Proven Technology Liquid Biopsy Urine Testing For Prostate Cancer

Potential Reduction In Unnecessary Biopsies




miR is the first peer-reviewed liquid biopsy urine test that accurately detects, classifies, and monitors prostate cancer.

Published clinical validation studies prove that the miR cancer testing and classification platform can achieve an 80% reduction in unnecessary prostate biopsies through more accurate cancer detection and aggression classification.

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